SharePoint 2010 Sent To: E-mail a Link not working

One of our SharePoint 2010 sites has an issue that “E-Mail a link” not working for the documents. This feature is to allow users to conveniently send out a link to a document on SharePoint, by click the dropdown menu of the file.

Did some research and found out it was caused by the masterpage. We upgraded our SharePoint site from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010, but the look and feel is still SharePoint 2007. We have not performed the Visual Upgrade yet. In other words, we are still using the V3 masterpage. And this masterpage has been customized before.


Use SharePoint Designer to open the customized default.master. Add the following code into <HEAD></HEAD>

   <SharePoint:SPPageManager runat=”server”/>

Save the file and go back to your site. Try the function again.

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Managed Property does not filter PDF, DOCX, DOCM, JPG files

We have two simple scopes defined based on a field called “status” for the files in a document library. The field value is either “Active” or “Archived”.

User complains she couldn’t find a document in the “Active” documents scope. That document was indeed set “Active” in the status field. This document is a Microsoft Office 2010 version word document ending with “.docx”. I tried to do another search for a “Active” PDF document and couldn’t find it in the search result either. Same thing happens for “DOCM” and “JPG” files. “DOC” and “XLS” files work just fine.

Also if I search the document in site level, they do show up in the results. that means they are being indexed.

I looked at the scope definition and found there are 597 documents in the scope. However I can see there are 635 documents in the document library marked as “Active”. The difference is the total count of those non-Office 2003 documents.

I tried to removed the rule of “Managed property” from the scope and leave another rule (folder based rule), and the document shows up in the results.

Based on the above facts, I suspect there is something wrong with managed property. Did some googling using keywords “Managed Property PDF” and located this page:

“On further investigation, we found that the particular column with the issue was a “Date and time” type column. However, the managed property had been mapped to a crawled property with the correct name “Date of origination” but of type “Text”. This mostly worked, but not for pdf files. When we re-mapped the managed property to the crawled property with the name “ows_Date_x0020_of_x0020_origination” and type “Date and Time”, and did a fresh full crawl, it worked correctly.”

It was exactly what happened to me. I went into the managed property and tried the mapping again. Added “ows_Status” as the new mapping. Performed a full crawl. Problem went away.

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