Custom AccessDenied.aspx Access Denied Page for SharePoint 2010

First you will need to make a copy of the default layout page AccessDenied.aspx which is located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS

For example, you can call it AccessDeniedNew.aspx. This new page layout should stay in “LAYOUTS” folder.

Login to your server as a farm administrator. Start SharePoint 2010 Management Shell. Run the following code:

$site = get-spsite "http://YOUR_SITE_URL"
$webApp = $site.WebApplication
$webapp.UpdateMappedPage(1, "/_layouts/AccessDeniedNew.aspx")

To switch back to the default page, you can use the following code

$site = get-spsite "http://YOUR_SITE_URL"
$webApp = $site.WebApplication
$webapp.UpdateMappedPage(1, $null)

You can get more information about the custom page from Yaroslav’s blog

In the method of $webapp.UpdateMappedPage, 1 is for Access Denied Page. See the following table for other type of pages

AccessDenied = 1

Confirmation = 2

Error = 3

Login = 4

RequestAccess = 5

Signout = 6

WebDeleted = 7

You can use Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage and Get-SPCustomLayoutsPage to reach the same goal as well.



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