Westinghouse LCD Monitor L2410NM HDMI issue

My Westinghouse LCD Monitor was working fine with my old computers on VGA port until I got a new Dell XPS 8500 with Nvidia GT640 video card. I tried to use the HDMI because of my I hate the extra adapter converting DVI to VGA. The image through HDMI looks horrible on L2410NM. The color is washed up.

I googled around and realized it is the monitor’s fault for not giving correct EDID. Someone on hardforum.com has a smart solution without messing up with the video card’s driver. It is a Windows Registry change:

Hey here is the fix, it works this way without editing the driver inf file and it works in Vista and Win7. I don’t know if it works in XP.

Run Regedit & Navigate to:


Open the folder & check each folder (eg. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{E 0CC2030-CCD8-49B9-8267-83140EF868CB} )

Check each sub folder called “0000” until you come across one which expands and includes the following:


Once you’ve located this, right click the “0000” folder and select “New” followed by “Binary Value”.

Rename the value to:


and hit enter or okay

Next up, you need to right click the new key and select “Modify Binary Data” from the list.

Enter in this info below:
5c 85 80 51 00 00 ff ff 04 00 00 00 7e 01 00

After you enter the info in the value will show as (invalid DWORD (32-bit) value) but this is correct. Reboot and your monitor will work once again. BTW you will need to do this after every driver installation. I have experienced some severe blanking and weird noises from the monitor after some driver upgrades. You might want to connect up the VGA when updating drivers.


Yes, it worked for me. Note this solution is only for this exact model of monitor.


6 thoughts on “Westinghouse LCD Monitor L2410NM HDMI issue

  1. This didnt work with my westinghouse L2410NM and win 7 for some reason.. still a washed out mess.. i’m using dvi to hdmi..

  2. Mark, are you sure you typed in the value right?

    “5c 85 80 51 00 00 ff ff 04 00 00 00 7e 01 00”

    I remember I failed the first time due to a typo.

    you may want to try using a HDMI cable directly, not sure that matters or not.

  3. Worked great! Thanks. After reading dozens of articles about modifying ini files and saving this and overwriting that, this was an extremely simple solution that worked perfectly on the first try.

    Great advice!

  4. Worked on Windows 8.1 although when expanding the areas I only saw the 0000 not all of the sub folder entries that were mentioned. My latest video card forced me to HDMI again after using these monitors for years with DVI to DSub cables because of this issue and now I can keep them for a few more years:)


  5. Hi, I’m having similar problems and im using windows 8.1. I wanted to ask does this work for Intel HD 4600? or only for nvidia?

  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have literally been searching for a solution for this for months. Trying to read text on my Westinghouse 24″ LCD L2410NM display through HDMI has been so frustrating. It looked over-sharpened with halos added, even at native resolution. This work around fixed it and it finally looks as it should!

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